About Me

Photography by Alesandra Di Consoli
I am a native New Yorker, who holds an MBA in International business as well as formal training in culinary arts and film production. I wrote, directed and produced a short film entitled, “Ascension” which was showcased in the Pan African film festival. About two years ago after having traveled extensively I decided to move to Italy in order to pursue my life passion of exploring food and wine. This blog combines my passions, pleasures & motivations throughout my daily journeys in gastronomy. The concept behind Gastonomer is a simple one, it is to explore food and drink sustainability while having fun. During my studies in culinary school we were encouraged to step outside our comfort zone by trying new things. My nutrition professor made a point of telling us that most people eat the same 25 foods over the course of their life. From that moment on I made a promise to myself to increase that number for myself personally through exploration. Food can be as complex as the double helix structure of the DNA and twice as long as the coding that keeps social media sites such as Facebook up and running. Finally my wine course opened my eyes to limitless possibilities of the grape but also the nuisances of food and wine pairings. The sum of all these experiences has served as the catalyst for Gastonomer.
As we travel pathways of gastonome as fellow gastronomers I hope that you will explore, enjoy and envelop your palate in nirvana.
Bon Vivant!