Wine is bottled poetry’ ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Much has been written about the juice of the grape called ‘wine’. Here at Gastronomer we have one simple rule. Drink what you like.

Yes, the color, bouquet and flavor profile are all important to appreciating wine. However at the end of the day you must enjoy what you are drinking.

Wine should be sipped. Let it rest on the tongue for a moment. Inhale the aroma even hold the glass up to the light to view the delicate color.

Most importantly enjoy my fellowGastronomer just allow yourself to enjoy the journey!


Sfuso literally means “unbottled wine” and my go to place for table wine. My local Sfusso is a warm inviting place where I learn how to use wine in my...

Semone Noel

September 3, 2015

German Riesling

Riesling is without question Germany’s favorite grape. German Rieslings usually are light bodied with high acidity.  In the summer time or warmer weather Rieslings provides a wide range of versatility...

Semone Noel

January 14, 2015